Is Real Estate a Good Investment in Canada? How do I get started?

The real estate sector in Canada is a growing domain, as home prices rise and more inventory gets added into the market. The real estate markets are also diversified and focused on providing several types of projects into different investment offerings.

Activity across several areas within the real estate sector is growing rapidly, with a nearly 10% growth in transactions year over year. There are several types of houses and commercial projects available to invest in, with different financing solutions for the right projects.

The key indicators of housing growth, such as listings, new sales, and activity are also on the rise in Canada. You can get started by connecting with our brokers who can help you find the right investment properties, homes, and potential areas to invest in.

You can also prepare your investment portfolio for real estate projects with our assistance. We can provide lending options to help you get the right financing solutions for your dream home or investment project.


Understanding what is real estate investing in Canada  

Real estate investment is a sound portfolio structuring strategy, especially given the growth market in Canada right now for properties. It is one of the foundational wealth building strategies, which is why it is adopted by global investors who want to enhance their portfolios.

While a home owner is an investor from a technical standpoint, the art of investing requires the deep understanding of trends, regulations, opportunities, and growth areas. You can purchase a rental property, commercial property, vacation property, or resell developed properties as a part of your core investment strategy.

There are also several investment opportunities in REITs (real estate investment trusts), which can also allow investors to enter the real estate market within retail and mixed-use sectors. You can also connect with a real estate investment group to learn more about growth areas within different sectors.


Core benefits of real estate investing in Canada

There are several core reasons why real estate investors can opt to invest in Canadian real estate. There is a general balanced market scenario, giving several opportunities to buyers and investors to enter the market. There are also several opportunities where there is a buyer’s market, which can allow for ease of entry and a potential for long-term investments.

Long-term appreciation

The core benefit of a real estate asset is the ability to choose long-term appreciation. The project may rise long-term in value, giving you complete access to a fixed asset that is growing. You can select the right location, down payment, and financing solutions in Canada to help you narrow down what type of project is ideal for you.

Portfolio structuring

Designing a well-structured portfolio can include a certain degree of risk, which is why it is ideal to invest in real estate as a secure measure. You can structure your investment portfolio around real estate projects in Canada, as they can provide a certain degree of dependable yield. Canada’s economy is also on the rise, with greater emphasis on industry growth, housing affordability, and access to capital for more people.

Protection against inflation

There is protection against inflationary factors when you have invested in a long-term asset such as real estate. You can also ensure that major economic policies don’t impact your investment as real estate is generally safer than derivatives, commodities, and other markets. The Canadian real estate sector is also growing across types, which allows for new investment opportunities more frequently.

Rental yield

There is critical rental yield present in rental properties, especially within the commercial real estate sector. You can select the right type of property in the right location, based on growth, footfalls, sector demand, etc. Real estate investments allow a larger number of investors to enter the market through diversified products.



What areas should I invest in real estate in Canada?

There are several areas of investment in Canada which you can benefit from. These can offer significant returns in terms of long-term appreciation and yield. You can create an effective portfolio with real estate as one of the cornerstones of your approach.

Home ownership

Homeownership in many regards is the first step towards real estate investing. Several home buyers opt for a second investment as a vacation home or a rental property. There are also several properties available across Canada, making it a vibrant and diverse environment for investing. You can choose apartments, penthouses, urban single detached, multi-units, and a range of other home types for investment purposes.

Rental property

A residential rental property can be a vital investment in your portfolio. The gross rental yield in Canada is around at 5.10%, with some even reaching the mid 7% ranges. You can acquire multiple residential properties for rental purposes to gain equity as well as start rental yield. A real estate agent will be able to provide more information about specific yields in certain areas, which can be accessible for current and potential growth in the region.

Commercial property

A commercial investment property integrates an investment of a fixed asset with the dynamic nature of a rental yield or other revenues. You can acquire a commercial property through strategic financing and lease out the property space to potential enterprises. Canada’s business infrastructure and community growth can support a range of commercial investments.


Real estate investment trusts pool money from various investors, allowing for larger-scale investment into a range of properties within a portfolio. You can invest in REITs if you understand opportunities within the sectors where the real estate investment trust is focused on. REITs are also helpful tools investing in a wider range of properties that you would otherwise not have access to from an investing perspective.


While investing in real estate properties is fruitful for several investors, you can also review land ownership and development as a real estate investor. There are several types of land ownership models available, such as for agricultural, commercial, or vacation properties. These can yield rental income from the commercial and residential activities, as well as appreciate over time with growth in footfalls and population.

Here’s how you can get started with investing in real estate in Canada

You can follow this approach when you’re looking to invest in real estate in Canada. These strategies can help you find the right markets to explore, as well as the right financing solution for your prospective properties.

Understand market opportunities

You can get a sense of market opportunities, such as in a specific city or zone, by understanding the number of listings, the average home value, the raise in rental yield, and other areas. You can determine the right opportunities by also tracking market trends, such as in commercial or home buyers’ markets. These could include occupancies, new infrastructure development, connectivity, etc.

Consult with the experts

You can reach out to our experts to understand what areas are ideal for investing. If you’re looking for your dream home or are seeking new investment strategies, then we can help create the roadmap for you. The experts can help you get on-ground information about the right type of investment projects, across rentals, commercial, vacation, and other properties in Canada.

Budgeting is key

Budgeting is a valuable tool to help you understand your risk approach. You can potentially invest in multiple projects, but may require financing that may be out of your monthly expenditure limit. That is why budgeting for monthly payments, additional costs, rental yield, and other elements will be key. You would also require a thorough understanding of valuation, property taxes, capital gains, rental yield, occupancy, and other parameters to ensure that you’re investing in the right area.

Determine the right property types

The right property type will dictate how you invest your capital, and what investment approach is ideal for you. You can focus on rental properties only, flip and resell houses, or opt for commercial projects. These strategies can have their own sets of risks which would have to be analysed. You can also focus on REITs or ETFs which can help you enter the market through pooled investments.

Understand financing

Financing will be a key aspect of the investing process, especially if you are investing in multiple properties across Canada. You can reach to qualified brokers and real estate investment specialists to understand how best to acquire capital for investing in projects. You would also have to account for maintenance, repair, and other costs that can be captured through lines of credit or other financing products.

Acquiring and maintenance

Once your financing is secured, then you can take the next steps and acquire the investment property. You can start managing the properties, maintain them, and ensure upkeep, to keep them high-valued. You can also perform a range of renovations, if they’ve been under-developed, so that they’re able to be marketed for rental yield. You can continue investing in properties by saving up or reinvesting profits into other projects.

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