Understanding the Canadian Real Estate Market Forecast

Market resilience is the major theme of the Canadian housing market, which is why several investors and first-time home buyers are looking for the best homes at the right price points. They’re exploring multiple options in borrowing, to get the right lender who can offer favourable interest rates based on distinct parameters.

With some provinces rising in average value by 6-7% and others remaining relatively flat, buyers need to look at the right types of houses in the right locations. You can expect to grow the equity in your home long-term, as well as find the right financing solutions when you work with the right broker.

With around 2/3 of Canadian households owning their houses, the market for homeownership is quite strong in the country. There is a wide range of houses available in 2024 in Canada, with lenders providing favourable terms to borrowers for purchasing their dream home.

The market is also set to continue growing based on the overall economic growth, Bank of Canada policies, and a favourable market for new buyers and investors. Canadian banks are also able to set terms that are right for a wider range for borrowers in the Canadian housing market.

Rising benchmark Canadian home price

The national Canadian home benchmark price rose by around 0.7% to reach CAD 729,700, which indicates that the market has grown across various provinces in the country. Homeowners have seen a rise in their equity over the years, which is encouraging several buyers to purchase their first or second homes.

The rising Canadian home prices also indicate a need in the market for home projects. Buyers are able to access financing from brokers across multiple tiers, giving them greater access to capital to buy their dream home.


Greater investor activity in the Canadian home market

Investors understand the dynamics of pent-up demand, rent prices, shelter inflation, and growth in the region. They’re able to actively participate in the housing market without significant restrictions in key areas in the country.

The overall lending environment is also favourable to investors seeking the right type of projects for their portfolios. Canada’s overnight lending rate is also steady at 5%, allowing for different banks to set their rates accurately depending on the demand available.

The central bank policies, along with core inflation statistics indicate a growth environment for investors who are forecasting their projections. The statistics Canada wide for housing market growth is also indicative of an overall favourable environment for potential buyers and investors.


A balanced market for buyers and sellers

The key indicators for buying and selling of projects indicate a steady and balanced market. There are projects available across multiple types, allowing for investor activity, housing affordability, and first-time buying incentives.

The market has also shown steady growth in terms of fourth quarter last year statistics and 2024 projections. Many buyers are seeking high-value projects at the right interest rates and monthly payments. The sales-to-new-listings ratio is also at around 57%, which doesn’t indicate significant sways towards buyer or seller sides.

Brokers are also able to provide more options for borrowing from banks to private lenders. This is another key reason why buyers are able to get the financing access they have in 2024, which is also contributing to the overall growth in the market.


Here’s how to benefit from the market trends in 2024

For buyers and investors, it is important to understand how best to benefit from these market forecasts for 2024. There are several projects across provinces, with investing starting from defining your specific goal.

Scout projects in the right locations

While your dream home or investment project is important to map, you should also focus on the right location. Various areas within cities can offer different types of projects for a wider range of Canadian home buyers.

Access lending networks through brokers

Brokers can help you access different types of lenders, who can understand your unique case and provide the right solutions. They can also prepare strategy plans for your investment goals and analyse what terms are best for you.

Select the right borrowing terms

The interest rate forecast Canada projections suggest a steadier rise in the rate trends over time. The mortgage rates for lenders can show a rise in mortgage payments for variable rate mortgages. You can still get the right borrowing terms, interest rates, and tenure owing to the multiple options available in the market.

Focus on financial planning

Capturing information about down payments, Canada mortgage rates, and variable markets, can help with financial planning. You’re able to understand your overall monthly outflows better and create a more equity focused plan for your dream home.

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